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COME OUT TO THE HOTTEST PARTY OF THE YEAR!  & HOW DO DEAL WITH THE HOT SUMMER SUN? GET WET! We are excited to have VaVaVooom and RiverLIink a part of this hot wet summer event! Lingerie Soirée aims move people closer to lingerie and comfortability with their own bodies and each other - this edition being specifically focused on our waterways and sheds - keeping them clean but also safe + everything that means for us water goers! The French Broad River has so many attributes and we are so fortunate to have access to such a beautiful waterway. Lingerie Soirée wants to bring people back to the heart of Asheville - the funk and the good stuff - while maintaining a beautiful relationship with the community. The ability to express oneself is at the top of our priorities comes to Asheville and keeping the diversity in tack is important to us. CHEERS! - to another Lingerie Soirée!


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