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PLUTO: The Underworld Dance Odyssey.

A monthly outdoor party.

On the last Saturday of every month, the night sky unfurls its dark cloak, and the Getaway River Bar awakens to a captivating rhythm. This is Pluto, your gateway to the underworld of House music, where we dance outside, under the night sky, led by the beat from 8pm to 2am.

This open-air event sets the stage for a night of transformation. As the music starts, the calm riverside retreat nestled between silent mountains morphs into a pulsating, living entity - a realm that echoes the mysterious allure of its namesake, the god of the underworld.

Leading us on this journey are DJs Nieman, Rhino, Divine Thuo, and Rab!d Ron!e. These sonic sorcerers summon an intoxicating mix of Tribal House, Bass House, Booty House, Tech House, Desert House, and Club House, weaving an auditory tapestry that plunges you deeper into the night.

Powered by the sonic strength of BassBoss, every beat pulsates through the ground beneath your feet, resonates through the cool night air, and moves through you.

Pluto invites you to step into this otherworldly dance party. Dress up and lose yourself in the dance. Costumes are not just welcomed, but celebrated. Don your wildest, your weirdest, your most wonderful attire, and let the rhythm guide your transformation.


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