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NYE Party at the Getaway!

Updated: Dec 21, 2022

As the clock ticks down to New Year's Eve, the anticipation at the Getaway River Bar is palpable! Starting at 8pm, the event will feature Dj Blind Date spinning an electrifying mix of beats, guaranteed to get everyone on the dance floor.

But this isn't just any party - it's a benefit for Asheville FM, the community radio station that provides a vital link to the city's vibrant music, local news, and arts scene. A portion of the proceeds from the event will go towards supporting the station, ensuring that it can continue to provide a platform for local artists and voices.

As the night wears on, DJ La Cia will keep the music pumping from 10pm and on as everyone enjoys delicious Drinks, games, laughter, and beautiful connections.

So come on down to the Getaway River Bar, and get ready to ring in the new year surrounded by the AVL community.

This is one New Year's Eve celebration that you won't want to miss!

Food truck will be serving 1pm to 9pm.


More about Asheville FM Asheville FM is nonprofit, volunteer-driven, community radio at its best. We offer a diversity of programming as diverse as the community we serve. That includes community journalists producing hyper-focused local news in both English and in Spanish; talk shows that run the gamut from politics to poetry; and the most eclectic freeform mix of music that you can hear – from DJs with a scholarly appreciation for the genres they represent. All of this is from a community of passionate volunteers who want to give the microphone to other members of the community who don’t have the opportunity in other media outlets.

And, Asheville FM is more than just a radio station we are nonprofit with the mission to impact our community in positive ways with services like youth radio programming, a live performance studio bringing you local musicians and touring bands, and partnerships with other organizations to bring attention to local musicians, artist, activists and the movers and shakers of Asheville.


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